Why relations today have developed a distance?

Hello friends, i am here with a new post about why relations today are developing distance.I wanted to make this post to be longer but longer post takes time to read,but small post can convey a good message in short time.However,this post is quite long.I have shortened the post but not too much. I will give an external link if i will publish something more about this post so don’t worry.

Coming to the point now,today when we talk about relations or relationship,the only thing that strike us is a relationship of a girl and a boy who love each other,but there are several society and family relations also. Have you noticed that people talk differently in front and differently at back of a person? i hate this habit or in more easy words its good to leave this habit as soon as you can .This is my own life guide based on my experience and as i told you all that i don’t want people and youngsters to make the mistakes which i made,and i only give practical advice,so please leave this habit.

So what do you think,why we have developed distances in our relations? the answer is -because of us. You don’t believe that? you will believe it at some point of time or you all know this from inside but you don’t accept it.We are responsible for everything happening in our lives.

Do you remember our old childhood days when we were kids? Yes you all remember.when we were small children, we all had the habit of fighting among us(between kids of relatives, neighbour etc.), and at the end of fight we would end up with crying and not talking to each other,but on waking up another day we use to forget everything and start playing normally again.So why did this doesn’t happens now ?

It doesn’t happens now because we have grown up how we have these highly developed brains by which we find the mistakes of other and not us, by which we want others to realize their mistakes while we don’t accept our mistake. This is the main reason for our relationship distances we no longer respect each other we just want everyone to respect us whether its there mistake or ours.

Everyone today is searching about making money online,but this issue is bigger than that.If this continues, then everyone will become alone in this world without friends and relatives ,we will know each other but will not be able to communicate with each other due to our arrogance and ego.

Even youngsters and elders are facing this issue youngsters think that they deserve some respect from elders, while elders think that he has forgotten how to respect us.now at this point elders should think maturely that when they were young,what were their thinking? the truth is they were also like that in their young ages and it happens at that time.But they don’t want to accept that and this creates another distance.

Relatives today are jealous of each other’s success.

People today are busy in finding faults in other’s success.


 Once my uncle told me, in today’s world people are  getting miserable because of other’s success not because of there sorrows. This is true.

Money also made relation distances among us.But we allowed money to take over our feelings.People treat rich relatives proudly because they think those rich ones will help them in their bad times.It’s good to think that but because of this you created a distance from the poor one. What will happen if some years  later the poor one becomes rich and the rich one becomes poor? now you will change your behaviour again and you will start finding good things about the new rich relative.This is true friends. And now you will develop a distance from you old relative who was rich few years before.

  I have seen people saying(after seeing poor relative) “close the door,otherwise we will have to offer tea to him” .Now see the condition to which we have reached now.

 We don’t have the habit of deleting bad memories about people.People today only remember the bad things,habits etc. of a person till lifelong but they never remember his good works he has done for them.

This can be only solved if everyone develops the habit of erasing bad things and treating every relative and person equal.Their is no other way ,only we can solve it of our own.Don’t be jealous of anybody’s success and don’t be happy because of his failure.

Talk the reality of a person among relatives and people and try talking good about that person. This will enhance your relations.Give honest opinion to people about anyone.Don’t be two sided or two faced.When a person hears that you talked wrong about him then this only forces him to think bad for you.He will develop a wrong impression about you and this will again cause relation gap.

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  1. What we keep earning and saving throughout our lives is money ,properties etc …it is valuable .but every one should give it a thought that money is gonna be there only during our lifetime…..what comes after life?.it is our good and bad memories that will remain in people’s heart so spend time with relatives friends and family ….and give them something more valueable than money…..and once again i would like to congratulate the author of the article..for having selected such a heart touching topic

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