Getting Unsuccessful Again and Again

Are you not successful? or just tired of being unsuccessful?

I know many of you are getting failed again and again and many of you are now frustrated with this. It happened with me also recently.But don’t be hopeless.You cannot be unsuccessful if you are dedicated to your work.Read my article on Hopelessness here:

I just want to say that if you are trying to get success in your interested field but failing again and again,then believe me you will surely succeed one day. That one day may feel very far, but you will surely get there soon. Don’t loose hope.But the condition is, you must a continuous approach towards your goal. If you are a lazy kind of person, then you must do a little approach towards your goal regularly. Don’t make your day go idle.

The another side of this topic is, if you are trying to get success in the field in which you are not interested, then their are 2 ways here:

  1. Make it your primary goal: You must leave everything you wanted and everything you need and make your approach to get success in your new field. Make your step interesting,try experimenting and doing things in a new way, so that you do not loose your interest, because you  were previously not interested in this field ,but now you want to succeed in this field only. This is my personal view, as i have done this same thing many time.

  2. Leave it: If you are no longer interested or your approaches are becoming burden on you, then better try something else. God has planned good things for everyone. Maybe, you are getting bored because you may succeed in another field.May be God has planned something more great for you than you think These are many things to do in life. If plan A doesn’t works,try plan B.

Never leave your goals for the time they require.


Thanks for reading friends.This is a small post just with main things.These things actually work and are practical.You may try them.Otherwise internet is full of long descriptive things like this.

Thanks for support.

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