Problems of Today’s Parents regarding Youngsters

Problems of Today’s Parents regarding youngsters.Here comes the topic regarding a major problem from which majority of students and youngsters are suffering,that is, the problem of parents regarding all of us.It is a big topic and it cannot be covered in just single post.I will surely increase the content of this topic in near future.

Now coming to the topic,both parents and youngsters seems to be correct at their positions but actually they are not.Youngsters like me have their own thoughts and thinking. But parents today are likely to hinder their child’s dreams and life due to some of their habits.

  • PressureThe parents today pressurize the child for certain things.The pressure is good for their bad habits but treating their every habit as a bad habit is the worst thing the parents can do to their child.

According to my experience here in India,parents today focus mainly on studies,studies and studies. If their child is doing any other thing than studies, then they think that he is a wasting time.Not every child is bad like others.Some parents think that this will affect the performance of their child.Now according to them a child cannot do the work he likes for even half an hour a day.

In my case also it happened.I have talked about the entrance exam which i was trying to crack since 3 years in my previous post,here is the link .During that period , i was totally frustrated by my failures like everyone.I used to feel nauseous by seeing those books again and again.One day i decided to go for gym as i love exercising.I didn’t had any activity other than studies in the whole day.But when i approached my father and my mother regarding this ,they never supported me.They always said that you must give those 40-50 minutes also to your studies.Now you can imagine my situation.

And when i begged to them for that,then they allowed me to go.But everyday they uttered bitter words to me regarding my exercise routine.They always tried to find an excuse o that i may quit my gym for those 40-50 minutes.

Now, if someone comes and says to me that they were saying that for your own good,then just tell me ,why can’t i give just 50 minutes from the whole day to myself? what is wrong in that?

Parents must allow some space to their children and not just keep asking about small things like whose call was that on your phone? where were you since half an hour? etc.

  • The comparison never ends:

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I have badly faced this situation and was taking anti-depressants also due to some of these reasons.

Now as i discussed in my previous posts that all fingers are not equal than how can 2 people be the same.Parents today keep giving examples of others and make the child feel ashamed of himself.Know this: There is a level of excellence you should expect from yourself. Identify this level of excellence based on what you yourself agree as your personal best (effort). As you carry yourself forward, you should exact this personal best effort in all that you do. Some children start getting jealous of that child whom the parents are using as an example.

When they will understand that?

They don’t know what will be the result of these.My only advice is please don’t take their talks seriously otherwise you may also get in the situation in which i was.Please avoid depression.You all have equal importance in this world and you all contribute to this world in some way.Agree to what they say because your words may hurt them.Accept the things which they say at least in front of them.


  • Speaking badly,scolding etc.

When the parent’s today don’t like something about the child they start abusing him.They keep him scolding until they(parents) start feeling lighter.But what about the child?

According to my experience in this condition the heart starts pumping faster and the head’s temperature increases(it happened in my case),and sometimes tears come out.These all are adverse effects.The child may start getting suicidal thoughts when these things are at extreme.


This is a long topic and it doesn’t ends here.I will definitely be extending it in near future.But for now it’s enough.

My only advice is that ,learn to forget these kind of things.The sooner you get this habit, the better it will be for you. I also learned this habit,and at some point in your life ,you will also have to learn it sooner or later.Smile and keep smiling .One day you will get a big success and then,the world with be on your side.

Thanks for reading friends ,please keep supporting this beginner.I will soon publish a new post.You may suggest some topics on which i should share my views and experience.

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