Introduction to my Blog


Hello everyone!

I am just new to writing things on internet,and i don’t have any perfection in writing. Currently, i am a student living a normal life . It’s not a new thing that every student bears a common pressure through his life.


Coming to the point now, i am  a straight forward person, and there is nothing to hide about it. I am here to share my life experiences  which i have done till now.I want everyone (specially students) to read my posts , i understand what a student or person feels on getting failure,family pressure,society pressure etc. i know that people more experienced than me are also there ,but i just want to share my thoughts.

I want to guide the people in my way based on my experience. I don’t want anyone to make those mistakes which i made. I want people to be motivated and balanced.

The internet is full of ideas,quotes,thoughts,but how many of these can be followed? Everyone is a different person ,they follow the things which suit them and not the things which suits the other person.I never give those ideas which cannot be followed practically.Once i read somewhere that if you wan’t to change something in the world,you must come yourself to change that,no one else can do that.My site is a step towards this saying.

There are certain people who will guide on the bases of high profile rules and thoughts which they also never followed in their own life. I will only tell those things which i have followed till now.

Following the things i share is completely up to you.If you like something you can follow that.

As i told i am new to writing posts, so please support me friends.And please ignore my minor mistakes.I will try to write more and more but honestly sometimes you may have to wait longer because i am also a student and i get very busy sometimes.Hope you all understand.

you can suggest me the topics you want me to write on in the comments…..I will also publish my story if you people like my approach,and if you people want to know what made me come here to let the world know my views.

My next post will be about “Hopelesness/ Am i getting hopeless?”

Thanks for reading and giving me time from your busy schedule……….