Experienced vs.Talented

Experienced vs. Talented,now that’s a great topic to discuss and it must be a hot topic nowadays, specially for students.This is their important every day experience. They see the other one getting success, but why they didn’t got success?there are many things about this.

As this is my personal blog and completely based on what i think. There are certain thing to discuss on this topic like :Is it good to be talented,or we must be trained? what are pros and cons of both? what are the advantages of trained over talented? etc.

According to me talented people have an advantage over the trained ones.In my life i prepared for an entrance exam for 3 years, but i didn’t succeeded in spite of giving my 100%,but on the other hand the students who had a great IQ and were quick  in grasping got success in spite of studying for  far less when compared with me.It happened because they have the talent of grasping and learning quickly. I know the quality of learning matters and not the quantity. I was learning the same thing since 3 years and I got trained for that one exam but i didn’t succeeded. I had more knowledge regarding the subject but i failed. Everyone knows what was their cause of failure,and i also knew that i was not equal to them in talent.


But i know trained person also have disadvantages over talented ones.For example ,i didn’t got success in exam but i crossed a large number of talented students in rankings because of my experience. So the talented people didn’t got chance because of trained ones like me,if trained ones will be not there,then they will surely lead the rankings.

Now a new fact according to me is,the success and performance also depends on  a person’s personal interest.Till now i have experienced that if a person is in the work field of his own choice in which he can show his talent,then he will definitely outshine from others.Whereas, if a person is in a non interested field, then may be he is having a good experience like of 10 years,but he will be not achieving the heights which he wanted.These people can’t perform like talented ones.Talented ones also get jobs without experience, their are certain jobs for people with no experience because those companies make use of their talent for the company’s profit. So please choose the field of your interest so that you can show your talent over experienced ones and also become experienced  if you fail.I have seen this in my own life.Try to find people of both types and observe them,you’ll find a variation in both.


You can easily take example form cricket, the new comers perform for better than the old experienced ones and gain a respect from audience and make huge fan following. Now this case not always follows the above fact of field of interest, but it will somehow follows my example which i gave.

One last thing based on my experience that some people at young age are not able to identify their talent and get into a wrong field because at young age we do a lot of activities and it’s difficult to find the real talent.

  • Last important thing,“Don’t make your hobbies your talent”.Because hobbies the activities you do at your free time ,but the work which you can do the whole day without the lack of interest is your passion.

“Follow your passion and not your hobbies”.

Do share your thoughts in comments and tell whether you will like to become talented or experienced?

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