Young Relationships


Now coming to the topic of today’s young relationships,between a girl and a boy.Actually,i have seen most of these relations are getting worst day by day.The relationship starts happily but gets bad day by day and in the end it finishes on a breakup.Ask yourself ,was it a true love or just a attraction between a girl and a boy?

There are 2 sides of a coin.In this case also either a girl is wrong or a boy.This post is in the favor of girls.As much as i have seen regarding girls,most of them get easily influenced by anyone.And most of the boys have made it their hobby to cheat on these girls.Most of the boys are in relationship just for their need of physical relations.When they are over with that,they finally breakup and move on.

Now ,they never think of the girl on whom they cheated.Now if the girl was serious about the boy,what she will think after this? she trusted the guy blindly,done everything for him.But the result is zero.Now she will suffer because of her one wrong decision.She must have made some efforts to know the guy completely.These kind of guys have an habit of doing all this.They don’t care about you.Stop living in that misconception.

I will share my experience here with you all.This is a recent incident happened in my life.

I had many friends in my private tutor class.Many were girls and many were boys.One of the girl fell in love with a guy who was the type of guy i was talking about above.I knew everything about him.He accepted the girls proposal and both were in a healthy relationship.One day the girl asked me about that boy because both the girl and the boy were close to me.She asked me about his previous relationships affairs.I was a type of guy who only came there for studies because i was weak in some subjects.I never paid attention to these guys but we were friends.We all were knowing everything about each other except some things.I didn’t tell the girl about his relationships and nature but i was also afraid that sh may also suffer like others.I just told her not to trust anyone so fast,and be mature and alert and be safe.Now these words made her think why i said that?

One day the boy wanted  took her to his friends room ,but she refused to go.On next day she asked me “why did you said that?” now i decided to tell her everything i knew. After knowing all that she started making distance with him and finally she got break up.The boy was making fun of her. Every time he talked bad about her.

One day he came to me and started telling a new incident that happened to him.It was also about a girl.I was cooked up with his talks.I listened him went my way.On the same day that girl whose story i am telling came to me.She was in pain,she was not able to forget him.She was in love with him,but he was not.

Now see,the boy who cheated her was enjoying without thinking of her and the girl was crying for such a guy.


This happens mostly.I have seen that good girls mostly get in relationship with a bad guys.They don’t respect them,and only play with their feelings.The girls should not trust the guy blindly,may be he is genuine but please take time to understand him.You must think about your family,their expectations from you.Because one day no one will be there with you except your family.The family’s love never ends.Don’t cry for the person who is only there for his own selfishness.If you are in a good relationship,don’t ever imagine that he may be doing this and may be that, with other girls.Stay positive otherwise you will ruin it yourself or you may loose your partner.

Now this doesn’t mean that every guy is bad.Take time in knowing a person.You cannot judge a person in a small time.Every step needs some time.Ask about the person from his friends and family.And don’t hesitate in kicking away these bad guys from your life. Be strong.Find a true friend to handle you in these complicated situations during a relationship.


And remember, the person himself is responsible for everything happening in his life.You will realize this sooner or later in your life.Be mature to handle these types of people.And one more thing,never hesitate to share these types of complications with your parents.They are the best people to help you.Never forget your parents.

The post is getting longer.I will extend this post later.Thanks for reading.

Keep reading and keep supporting.Some views are coming from USA people also ,so i request the people of USA to please share about my posts and website among your friends and family.I am not expert in writing.I just want this world to change a little bit and this is my small approach.Please ignore my minor mistakes.

Thank you for giving me time.I will try to write a post on finding a real guy instead of choosing a wrong one.