Wasting Our Life’s Time

This topic came to me recently while observing people carefully.Everyone in world in including me think is wasting the valuable time of ther life we all are wasting our life’s time in small stupid things.

People today are jealous of other’s success and some people are busy in argument. Don’t you think that the people we argue today,may not be present tommorrow.

I know that its not always our mistake. but the person on other side also thinks this. The result is ,the argument never ends.


Student’s and youngsters argue with their parents. They did not value what the parents say. some youngsters don’t like their dad, some don’t like their moms etc. You all know that one day your parents will be only in your memories and contact list. You must think it seriously-they always love you.

I remember a incident in which one of my dad’s friend died in an accident his younger daughter was crying by saying  that she’ll never argue with him now,she will never cause problems to him. That incident made me feel deeply hurt.

Now what is the use of these words of her daughter. Why we all do these things for which we will regret one day. the world can be a better place if we try to make it one.

Hating our friends ,relatives for small things or even big things is not good.Love everyone and make your life’s time count.You will feel good and will be satisfied with the feeling that you gave enough love to everyone you knew.

Utilize your time in acheiving your goals and please try to understand what i am trying to say.Love your parents,respect everyone and get control on your anger.The reason of our sadness is we ourselves.If you can’t love someone, please don’t hate him also.Each time whenever your arguement starts with anyone,try to recall this post and try to analyze the importance of that person in your life.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading.Be happy  and keep smiling.

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